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4-E Approach to Learning...

Our comprehensive program will ensure that our students leave high school with a strong foundation on which to build a productive life. The Omni Schools’ 4-E approach to our academic programming—Education, Exposure, Enlightenment and Enterprise—ensures that our educational structure takes a 360-degree view of the development of young people for lives of community leadership, public service, and personal success.

"Omni Prep Academy students must be prepared to THRIVE in college not just go to college."
- Cary Booker, co-founder


OPA students will have a well-rounded rigorous liberal arts educational experience. Our students will become confident in their ability to master new information and knowledge, adept at applying that information and knowledge to solving practical problems, and effective at communicating their ideas both verbally and in writing.


OPA students will have continuously reoccurring opportunities to interact with the world outside the confines of the traditional classroom. This means that we will bring the world at large into our classrooms and take our students out into the world for meaningful experiences that are firmly connected to our curriculum and the school’s learning goals.


Each OPA student will become acutely aware of his or her rights and responsibilities as a member of a community. Success for our students will only be achieved to the degree that we are able to inspire each of them to think critically and deeply about their own lives, the lives of their peers, and their roles as the next great leaders of our community, region, and country.


Driven by the belief that great education, individual opportunity, and civic prosperity are intertwined; we will focus on creating real-world vocational learning opportunities for all Omni students, delivered via our approach to the apprenticeship model. At its core, this program will foster the development of independence, leadership skills, and a strong internalized work ethic.